How Email Marketing Can Truly Change Your Digital Marketing Hiatus

What comes to our mind when we say Email? Well sending and receiving emails is what rules our mind when we hear the word. Email marketing is an evolving form of digital marketing that has not got its due. Many brands and businesses tend to overlook the importance of this platform of digital marketing without knowing the many benefits that it can bring to your business.

For an expert who is just a starter in the email marketing zone will have many questions that will pop up before starting to completely delve into it. Questions like how to make an ideal marketing campaign, building email lists, tips, and tricks on how to perfect every aspect of your email marketing are the questions often asked.

Why Email?

Email is the oldest form of marketing that has been around for over a decade now. It is considered to be one of the top marketing channels in terms of revenue generation and getting more website traffic. Once a marketer has become a pro at this form of marketing, he can enjoy the many benefits that come along with it as opposed to the other channels. What matters is to gather as many subscribers as possible. Some of the many benefits that a marketer can enjoy are-

  • The wide reach of a wider audience

  • Getting more traffic

  • Easy sales and conversions

  • Keeping up the customers with the latest news and trends

  • Having more loyal customers by building a bond over time

  • Can be used for all types of businesses and websites whether it is large scale or small scale, everyone can use email marketing and enjoy its many benefits.

  • It’s a keeper. Even if all other marketing platforms die, email has been here for the longest of time now and is here to stay.

Getting started with Email Marketing:

The best way to get started with email marketing is to build your email lists and create the campaign to be sent over once the business website is ready and operating. This is very crucial to your marketing program or else you will miss out on a lot of possible customers, connections, and traffic. Your campaign should be directed to the goals you are aiming and all your strategies must be summoned to the goals you want to achieve. Having said that, you are ready to build your lists once your goals are sorted.

The necessary elements for Email Marketing:

Create a nice email campaign: You must take the necessary steps to create a marketing campaign after people have hit the subscription button. For which an introductory email is a must to let know people what your brand or email is all about. Once you have sent your first email, you must never forget to write a thank you note to the ones who subscribed to your email lists. Be very clear about the content of the email which you will send them on a daily basis. Always be sure to make the Unsubscribe button prominent or else your target customers will be in a fix to whether subscribe or not.

Newsletters: You must always send out newsletters so that you constantly keep in touch with your subscribers. Else you may no longer be valid in people’s mind and your website will also not drive the desired traffic.

Optimization is the key: The millennial effect- Smartphones are GOD! Going by the fact that more than 50% access email on their phones, it is of utmost importance to optimize your emails on mobiles and tablets for easy readability and usage.

Subject Line Matters: the first thing that your subscribers will see before opening the email is the subject line. Make sure to write a good subject line that entices people to open your email to go through. But be sure not to be very promotional as this will drive away from people opening your mail.

Drip Email Marketing: This is also known as email automation marketing that makes sure that the important emails are sent out to the new subscribers without the fear of missing out.

A strong email list, however, is touted to be the most important resource for a marketer in any business. With a strong marketing campaign, the list will become stronger with time.

BONUS Hence, hiring a digital marketing agency makes sense on many levels because of the flexibility and affordability and the above mentioned benefits it offers.

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