Digital Marketing and its Myriad Trends

Digital marketing is all about trends and strategies. It is recommended for the marketers to plan their strategies beforehand and do the forecast on the changing trends. If not lived up to the latest trends, the efforts on your strategies will go haywire. Though 2017, exposed many such trends from net banking, online shopping to Artificial Intelligence, easy to use messenger such as chatbots, technology categorically played its cards to attract and engage customers. Digital marketers are well versed with the many emerging trends in the market and carefully resurrect the trend and technology most beneficial for their business endeavors. Let’s go through some of the latest trends that are seen as the forefront for creating the best for brands-

1. Smartphones are mainstream: Millennials are considered to be the most preferred audience in the consumer marketing for the years to come. The only strategy to keep in mind when engaging the millennial audience is quick purchase of products and prompt customer service. They are constantly on their mobile devices and urge for only authentic experience when doing any kind of purchase. Hence, this type of marketing strategy must be at the forefront of a business’s list. Though mobile marketing has never gone off the radar, business websites switching to smartphones will see a higher growth as opposed to website marketing. Mobile marketing also help in unlocking better sales and engagement opportunities.

2. Videos are the new content: Live videos are emerging to be the biggest social media marketing trend to attract and engage audiences from all walks of life. From businesses to entrepreneurs, everyone is aware of this marketing technique which brings them big business. Today, everybody on social media seems to have an opinion on the platform which is a good thing for all the marketers as their brands are getting more exposure by people talking about it. It’s a no-brainer that the maximum number of people online prefers to watch live videos than reading a post or an online advertisement. This is a clear indication of live videos becoming a rage in the future. Live videos tend to have a bigger and better impact and stays on the viewers mind for a long period of time. This indicates that live videos on social media will become a rage in digital marketing.

3. Social media advertisements: Leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are already a hit in digital marketing. It is estimated that about 800 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis. Thanks to the improvisations introduced to these social platforms every other month, it helps in strengthening its advertisement functionality that helps in the success of a business. Brands and businesses tend to have better engagement on these social platforms through social media influencers. This digital marketing trend delivers good performance on the targeted ads which makes it a craze among business owners and entrepreneurs.

4. Interactive content marketing: Any content that incorporates active customer participation leads to more awareness of a business or a brand. Interactive campaigns allow any business to cater to higher reach and engagements. This form of advertisement is far more engaging with the masses than the plain standard forms. Knowing to present your content differently amongst all other existing advertisements is a trait best known to the digital marketers.

Hence, these are some of the many trends that are keeping the digital marketers to be at the top of their game. But with the advancement in technology, the trends keep changing which is why it is imperative for digital marketers to constantly keep up with the digital enhancements.

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